NH: Live Free and DIY!

Isn’t that how the motto goes? I’m back home in NYC, but my heart is still up in New Hampshire, and it feels like my scissor hand is still twitching in my sleep after all the T-shirt refashioning we did! Altogether, the students at the Kenneth A. Brett School upcycled (new vocabulary term for many of the kids in my group!) more than 150 T-shirts over the four days. Below are some of the highlights from the last two days of my artist-in-residency! (And if you want more proof of the fun we had, check out the photos posted over at the Tamworth Arts Council blog.) I miss these kids already…

A lace-up tank top with mismatched sides (#16 in Generation T); another lace-up top with braided multi-colored stitching.

Some in-process braiding and knotting — to complete the finishing touches on two “Mohawk Mo’ Rock” no-sew hats (project #72 in Generation T: Beyond Fashion).

Two finished, fringed hats!

But what’s a finished hat without matching glovelets (#103 in Generation T: Beyond Fashion)? Or a pair of tie-dyed glovelets without multicolored fingernails?

Going with the tie-dye theme, here’s a tie-dye version of Back in Action (#101 in Generation T: Beyond Fashion); plus a sunshine-filled pillow (#30 in Generation T: Beyond Fashion)!

Another completed pillow; a matching totebag (for his mom to use while grocery shopping) and headband (for him).

Some in-progress laced-up glovelets; an innovative visor made from the neckband of a T-shirt (with sun-shielding neck protection, of course!).

A pillow for catnapping; a no-sew tote bag–already filled with books!

DIY hats, tank tops, headbands, and wristbands…

Pillows, pillows, and more pillows!

Hats, hats, and more hats!

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[ Posted on March 14th, 2012 ]


  1. Emily says:

    Wow, Megan!!! Major props to you for getting boys interested in crafts. :)

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  4. Ben Johnson says:

    Very nice. Getting them involved in crafts/hobbies and DIY is great. Experience DIY is invaluable!

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