Tee Party at Powell's!

Powell’s City of Books is like a whole extra city on the book tour — between Portland and Seattle, it’s as if there’s nestled this independent republic called Powell’s. Thanks to everyone who made it out tonight! 1) Me with the suitcase I’ve been living and working out of for the past three weeks. 2) At the super fancy podium at Powell’s–seriously cool.


3) Then there’s Shawn, my model for the evening — how fantastic! 4) Not only did she show up to the event wearing a full-length T-shirt dress she made herself, she trusted me entirely not to inadvertently snip either her dress or her ponytail. (Note the ponytail holder made from a scrap sleeve piece!) 5) And voila! The finish. Betcha didn’t see that one coming.


6) Lots o’ signed books; 7) Fun with the samples (that’s the no-sew faux-hawk hat as well as the Up in My Grill mitt). 8 ) I love meeting Tee-timers from all over!


9) Friends in triplicate! 10) It was a family affair: Dads, moms, sisters, brothers, grandmothers…a nice mixer! And here’s where I give a shout-out to a reader, Onyx, who couldn’t make it out tonight, but whose dad showed up to represent! 11) Look at all those books. I signed every. last. one.


[ Posted on July 20th, 2009 ]

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