On this day in 2008…

Well here’s a blast from the past: On this day in history (2008, to be precise), readers of the Book Lover’s Page-A-Day calendar flipped the page from June 17 to June 18 and were treated to a sweet little review of a (at the time) recently published tome on T-shirt refashioning!

My favorite line: Generation T is a great inspiration for that restless, creative do-it-yourselfer in you.” Tell me, what craft books in your library fit you restless creatives “to a T”?

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Love from Rookie Mag!

Thanks to RookieMag contributor Stephanie (via the Rookie Tumblr) for embracing her crafty side and making (and then featuring!) the “Fun in the Sun” halter dress (project #20 in Generation T: Beyond Fashion) in a recent post. It looks positively smashing, don’t you think? It also makes me think of the warmer weather just around the corner.

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eHow DIY Style Blog Round-Up!

Thanks to eHow Style for featuring Generation T in their DIY Style Blogger Round-Up: Do It Yourself and Save Money with the Hottest DIY Blogs! Article highlight:  “after viewing Megan Nicolay’s blog…you’ll be resurrecting your old shapeless, rejected tees and seeing them anew as treasures.” Aww, shucks.

And we’re blushing even more to find ourselves in such delightful company with the likes of Justina Blakeney (of the 99 Ways series) and Marissa Lynch (of New Dress A Day). Here’s a teaser (featuring the Mane-iac Scarf from Generation T: Beyond Fashion!):

To read the article in its entirety, check out: DIY Style Blog Round-Up | And in case you were wondering, yes, it is “cool to be frugal and find our own inner DIY designer.”

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Thank you to where, under the heading “12 Days of Buying: Gifts for Crafty Types,” my second book Generation T: Beyond Fashion is one of the dozen featured ideas for folks who like making stuff! It’s described (accurately, I might add!) as including “new fashions, as well as baby clothes, home items (including a wine cozy!), apron, blankets, bags…the list goes on.”

All of the projects are pretty accessible, so it’s appropriate for novices as well as sewing gurus. And most of the projects can be done without a machine.”

So if you have a crafty one on your holiday shopping list this year, consider a giving copy of Generation T: Beyond Fashion: 120 New Ways to Transform a T-shirt or the original Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt. And, hey, I’ll even show you how to wrap it up!

Also featured in the Jezebel round-up: an adorable sheep-shaped knitting needle gauge for your favorite stitcher, custom-designed fabrics from Spoonflower, a doodle-n-wash tablecloth, classes at Make Workshop in NYC, and more.

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Book Review & Project on Craft Test Dummies!

Check out the sweet review of Signature Styles by Jenny Doh (published earlier this year) by Vicki O’Dell (The Creative Goddess) over at the Craft Test Dummies site. I was one of twenty artists interviewed and invited to create a stitched project for the book–and I’m so flattered that Vicki was inspired to make my Rosette Necklace (from recycled T-shirt scraps, but of course!) in her review.

It’s a very simple yo-yo necklace that you can stitch by hand — but check out how Vicki put her own signature on it by painting the fabric first (high fives for personalization — I love that she took a yellow T-shirt she hated and made the colors so rich!) and adding some beading (seed beads, bugle beads, and some nice pearly centers) to the flowers! The finished photo is below (via The Creative Goddess herself), but click all the way so you can see her process!

As you all I know, I get positively giddy to see how other people interpret my projects — and I just love how Vicki’s version turned out! Have any of you tried making the necklace? Be sure to post the results over at the Generation T Facebook page!

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New York Times Book Review!

It’s every author’s dream to see their name or book title in the New York Times Book Review. So the first thing I did was pinch myself when I read the words, Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt listed on page 22 under the heading “Inside the List” — in the company and context of Alexander McQueen, no less! — as the writer of the mini article discussed the success of the McQueen Savage Beauty book that accompanied the show at the Met that just closed two weekends ago (a stunning and thoroughly inspiring exhibit — and yes, I bought the book for my personal library). It’s a just a small mention, and way down at the bottom of the page, but there you have it folks: Generation T, as seen in the New York Times Book Review!

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Sew It All TV on PBS!

Hey Coloradans! Did any of you happen to catch Megan and Generation T on Sew It All with host Ellen March Saturday morning (August 6, 2011)  on your local Rocky Mountain PBS station? This was an especially poignant airing of the show since we filmed the episodes in Golden, Colorado almost a year ago!

Check with your local station to see if if they’re airing the show (and if not, request it here!).

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Sizzle Reel for Sew It All TV!

Check it out. The Sew It All TV sizzle reel is for reals hot and sizzlin’ with cameos by some of your favorite designers, crafters, and sewists!

Host Ellen March’s guests for the first season include Suede (of Project Runway and, more recently, Simplicity patterns), Carmen Webber (also of Project Runway, and author of another T-shirt refashioning book you might know!), Kathy Cano-Murillo of the Crafty Chica blog and product line, and…well, you just might recognize a certain someone from these here parts, too (I submit exhibit A, below, into evidence).

The show is airing on PBS this spring–check with your local station to see if if they carry it (and if not, request it here!). And mark my words, there will be T-shirt Transformation, oh yes, there will be T-shirt Transformation (submitting exhibit B, below).

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Sew It All, Vol. 2

I’m super excited to share that I have a project in this issue of Sew It All, Volume 2. It’s on newsstands now, so I definitely recommend heading to your local fabric store, quilt shop, grocery store, or Barnes and Noble to pick up a copy (then flip, really fast, to page 80!). The issue is packed with stitching and finishing how-tos, tool and pattern reviews, plus–the best part!–50 fun, simple projects, including clothing, home decor and accessories–many of which don’t even require a pattern!

Some highlights: Linda Permann has a reverse appliqué “Plush Pillow” project on page 42; Crystal Butler shows how to make a cute “Flour Power” handbag out of a flour sack on page 76; Meream Pacayra‘s “Ribbons in Bloom” bib necklace on page 74 would be perfect to wear to any holiday party; Marian Lewis has a convertible “Towel Tote” on page 82 that I’ve got my eye on, and Sew It All editor-in-chief Ellen March shares how to make a “Gather ‘Round” convertible necklace/headband on page 88.

The project I designed combines a T-shirt and cotton bias strips (great for pairing cotton weave with stretchy knit fabrics!).  It’s inspired by a top I made for Generation T: Beyond Fashion, and it”s a great starter project for timid sewists because it requires mere inches of stitching! Hope you like it.

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Las Vegas Weekly

Las Vegas Weekly writer Deanna Rilling dug right into her own closet before penning–okay, more likely typing–this nice review featuring both Generation T and Generation T: Beyond Fashion, which she calls collectively a “bible and inspiration for garment repurposing.” Sweet! Rilling even models her DIY creations in the article: a T-Bird halter top and an off-the-shoulder no-sew hybrid Outer Lace/ Looney Tunic tank top.

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