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From Our Readers: Onyx!

tia haltertopA blast from the past, but still in time for summer 2011! Shortly after Onyx’s dad came to one of my summer 2009 book tour events for Generation T: Beyond Fashion in Portland (sadly, Onyx was out of town!), Onyx made the Pinup Girl halter top at home. Her aunt came over for a visit, and she generously gifted it to her. Instead of using a punk pin for the “pinup” part (the gathers at the front), she used a safety pin and sewed on a barrette–a very cute and creative variation!

Other viable variations include a couple of stitches to keep the gather in place, a button or two (or three!), or a big sparkly bead or brooch. Sum-sum-summertime!

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[ Posted on August 2nd, 2011 ]

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  1. Dio says:

    I love making this halter so much (I’ve made it at least 4 times now)! Sometimes as a variation, I poke two small holes and thread a t-shirt string scrap through and tie it in a bow.

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