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Dye Easter Eggs with Shaving Cream

Okay, we kicked off a week of non-T-shirt-related posts with the Glitter Dot Easter Eggs yesterday, because as teased last week, I taped a bunch of how-to videos for About.com and since so many of them are Easter-themed, that’s what’s comin’ atcha! I’m definitely not the first person to use shaving cream and food coloring to dye my Easter eggs, but the amazing marbleized effect on the surface of the egg is so irresistible…

-eggs (blown or hard-boiled)
-food coloring
-foaming shaving cream
-plastic spoon or knife
-bamboo skewer
-drying rack
-paper towels
-a timer (4-5 minutes)

Make it:
-Click below to follow along with the video tutorial for Marbleized Eggs with Shaving Cream for About.com.

Update: I heard from a commenter that you can do this technique with Cool Whip, too! Have you tried it?

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[ Posted on March 27th, 2013 ]

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