T-shirt Projects

Sparkle Snowflake T-shirt

I have a thing for snowflakes. I do. And winter solstice seems the perfect occasion to share this snowflake T-shirt with you (maybe it will encourage actual snowflakes to fall!). A little sparkle glams up a plain T-shirt, and you can dress it up with a skirt or down with jeans to suit the mood or the occasion.

Snowflake Tshirt FinalA generation-t.com

-plain T-shirt
Fashion Glitter Iron on Shimmer Sheets
-iron and press cloth 


Make it:
1. Fold one corner of the shimmer sheet down on the diagonal.


2. Trim the excess to square it off.


3. Fold the folded triangle in half again.


4. And in half again.


5. And in half one more time.


6. Pinch the layers together and cut out shapes from the two folded edges, doing your best to go through ALL layers.


7. Unfold the snowflake, and tidy up any mismatched cutouts.


8. Place the snowflake on the T-shirt, plastic side down, and iron it on using a press cloth.


9. Peel back the press cloth to make sure all edges are stuck. Try it on!

Snowflake T-shirt FinalB generation-t.com

Sparkle Snowflake T-shirt stepsA generation-t.com

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T-shirt Projects

DIY T-shirt Light Switch

A light switch plate is a pretty sweet blank canvas — small in dimension and fairly low-stakes (in case the creative process doesn’t go as planned). But when it does work, what fun! I started by picking through my T-shirt stash, but ended up far beyond there — click through at the end of the post to see a few other creative switch plate options!

-T-shirt with small logo or text
Aleene’s Turbo Tacky Glue
-Blank light switch plate
-Craft knife and cutting mat

Switch tshirt final generation-t.com


Make it:
1. Select a T-shirt or T-shirt scrap and loosely cut out the logo portion. (My T-shirt “excerpt” is clearly from a Red Sox shirt — GO SOX!)

2. Apply glue lightly and evenly to the front of the switch plate, and press it down onto the back of the T-shirt fabric, leaving a 1″ margin on all sides. Trim off the corners and cut an X from corner to corner inside the light switch opening. Fold back the edges and fold back the cut triangle pieces in the center and glue.

3. Let dry completely, and attach your T-shirt light switch plate to the nearest light switch!

For 6 More Ways to Decorate a Light Switch Plate, click through to my tutorials over at the iLoveToCreate Blog.

7 ways light switch plate generation-t.comllage

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T-shirt Projects

DIY No-Sew Laced Up Tank Top

Mark your calendars: October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether you walk, run, or responsibly conduct a breast self exam for the cause (do it once a month!) here’s a T-shirt transformation tutorial (plus a bonus throwback at the end!) to honor all of you making a difference and supporting those affected by breast cancer.

OuterLace Tank Top finish

Just set aside an old baggy T-shirt, a pair of scissors, and in 10 minutes you’ve got yourself a fitted tank top (inspired by the Outer Lace tank top in Generation T: 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt). Get the team together and tie-dye and snip your way to its completion, then wear it for yourself, or wear it for a loved one–I know I will be!


-plain white T-shirt
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Fashion Art Kit (includes 2 shades of dye plus gloves and rubber bands, black dimensional fabric paint, glitter spray)
-sharp scissors
-2 safety pins

shirt materials generation-t.com

Make it:
Follow the kit instructions to tie-dye the T-shirt.
2. Click through to the step-by-step illustrated tutorial at the iLoveToCreate blog.

Outer Lace finish2 generation-t.com

Wear it with all your (ahem) breast friend! Shirt #2, below, is a variation of the Fringe Benefits shirt from Generation T and the Fringe Fabulous shirt from generation-t.com.

OuterLace finiah3 generation-t.com



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T-shirt Projects

T-shirt Scrap Necklaces: 7 Ways

Whether you’re celebrating back to school or back to work (three weeks back from maternity leave for me!), here are a handful of quick-and-easy, no-sew techniques to accessorize on the cheap. Just grab all those scraps you’ve cut from your white T-shirts, rejuvenate them with a splash of tie-dye, and macramé your way to a statement necklace or two (or seven!). Wear them together or solo or mix and match for a different look each day of the week.

necklace finish2 generation-t.com
I’ve always loved shopping at hardware stores for my materials — washers and hex nuts and some of the more delicate chains lend a nice physical weight to a fabric-based piece while adding an industrial edge to the overall aesthetic.


-White T-shirt strips
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye (blue)
-Lock washers and flat washers in various sizes (#10, 1/4, and 3/8)

necklace materials generation-t.com

Make it:
Click over to iLoveToCreate blog for the illustrated diagram and step-by-step instructions for each necklace strand.

necklace step3 generation-t.com


necklace finish1 generation-t.com




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T-shirt Projects

DIY: Crossback Tank Top

Summer is all about easy, breezy fashion (stay cool) and tie-dye (stay fun!). Here’s an ombre-style surface treatment for a quick-and-easy T-shirt transformation. From plain white T-shirt to a smock-styled, crossback tank top that’s nearly no-sew (about 6 inches of stitching) in no time. Smock it to me!Smock Tank Finish generation-t.com


-Plain white T-shirt
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye
-Needle and thread or sewing machine
-Plastic container from the recycling bin

Smock tee materials generation-t.com

Make it:
Click through to the iLoveToCreate blog from a complete step-by-step  photo tutorial!

Smock tank finish1 generation-t.com

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T-shirt Projects

How to: Frida-Style Braids with T-shirt Fabric

Happy Birthday to one of my favorite artists: Frida Kahlo. I’ve been wanting to post this tutorial for awhile now, and the occasion of her birth is the perfect opportunity. Here’s a simply way to dress up your hair using an old T-shirt, tie-dye, and scissors. FridaFinish3 generation-t.com

But first, some images of those inspiring braids from the queen of the Mexican art scene, who would be turning 107 if she were alive today:

Frida inspiration generation-t.com



Tulip One-Step Tie Dye kit
-Plain T-shirt (size M or larger)
-Hair elastics
-Bobby pins

FridaMaterials generation-t.com

Make it:

Visit the iLoveToCreate blog for a full visual tutorial!

FridaFinish generation-t.com

Special thanks to my young friend, Emma, who patiently posed for the step-by-step tutorial!

FridaFinish4 generation-t.com

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T-shirt Projects

DIY: Distressed American Flag Muscle Tee

Between cheering on Team USA in the World Cup and all the 4th of July barbecues just around the corner, this project is at least a fashion twofer (at least — you can save it for next Memorial Day picnic, Flag Day…or whenever you’re feeling stylishly patriotic!).

USA tank top1 generation-t.com.jpg

With just a plain white T-shirt, some classic gold star stickers (50 of them, to be precise), clear tape, and fabric spray paint, you can, for just a few bucks, make a T-shirt that might otherwise retail for (gulp)…$84(!!!). Here’s how.megan-nicolay-blog-footer-1

-Plain white T-shirt (I chose an old V-neck, but crew-neck works just as well)
Tulip Fabric Spray paint in red and blue
-Gold or multi-colored star stickers (find them stocked with the teachers’ supplies)
-Clear tape (for best results, look for 1/2″-wide tape)
-Scrap cardboard and/or paper to mask and insert between the layers of the shirt

Flag Step1 generation-t.com

Make it:
Head over to the iLoveToCreate blog for my complete step-by-step tutorial!

USA tank top2 generation-t.com



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T-shirt Projects

Spell-It-Out Birthday Shirts (for Every Age!)

I love using words and type in my crafts (see exhibits ABCDE, and F…), so was super excited when some Scribbles Alphabet Stamps arrived in a recent crafty care package! With a friend’s daughter’s birthday around the corner, and armed with my new letter stamps and fabric paints, I knew just what I wanted to make: a series of birthday tops, each to announce the birthday girl’s age (and yes, there are number stamps, too, but I like to spell things out!).123Finish generation-t.com

I made a series of three, but if you scroll all the way down, you’ll see there’s no reason why you have to stop at the single-digit ages!


Scribbles Brush-On Fabric Paint
Scribbles Alphabet Stamps
Tulip Fabric Paintbrushes

-Plain T-shirt or tank top
-Scrap paper or cardboard (to prevent the paint from bleeding through the layers of the shirt)

Materials1 generation-t.com

Make it:
For step-by-step photographed instructions, click through to the iLoveToCreate blog!

ONETWOTHREE generation-t.com

123FinishAlt generation-t.com

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Adventures, Other Projects

Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s been fairly quiet ’round these parts, but I’m emerging from hibernation to share two bits of fun news this Mother’s Day!

1. I’m very excited to share that a collaboration that I worked on with my very creative mom, Susan, almost two years ago, is coming out soon! We designed a fleece hoodie for the newest installation in Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins’ One-Yard Wonder series, Little One-Yard Wonders: Irresistible Clothes, Toys, and Accessories You Can Make for Babies and Kids. My mom is the person who first showed me the way around a sewing machine, so I was glad that she accepted my invitation to team up and submit a project when the call for entries was posted! We brainstormed ideas, and came up with a few…long story short, one of them is featured in the book.

How cute is that shirt on the front? Those shoes! That tea set!

Little One Yard Wonders cover

Below is the first spread of the project we designed with squirmy toddlers in mind (no zippers, buttons, or drawstrings — just pull it over the head and you’re ready for an afternoon of exploring). YiaYia’s Snuggle Hoodie! It’s so exciting to see it in print! And, it should be noted, the hoodie can be made from jersey knit material, too, for a more traditional sweatshirt or a lighter T-shirt-weight design. Pre-order the book at any of the online retailers listed here, or look for it in your local bookstore when it releases June 3, 2014! Little One Yard Wonders interior

My mom and I are so looking forward to making lots of the 101 projects for my little ones….which brings me to news point #2.

2. And, not to bury the lede, but…the Mr. and I welcomed a new member to our family just two weeks ago! Meet Esmé Olivine, born 4/27/14 (you’ll no doubt be seeing more of my newest fashion muse in the weeks, months, and years to come!).


A very happy Mother’s Day to all you crafty mamas who encourage creativity in the next generation!


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T-shirt Projects

T-shirt Yarn-Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath

Egg Wreath generation-t.com
For this easy, bright DIY holiday decor, I was inspired by this yarn-wrapped egg wreath I stumbled upon on Pinterest. (Oh, and check out Aunt Peaches’s yarn-wrapped eggs tutorial over at the iLoveToCreate blog!) But, being that I have stashes of T-shirt scraps rather than traditional yarn, I adapted the project to my own scrap heap (and recycling bin). Pick traditional pastels from your T-shirt stash, go for brights, or tie-dye all those shabby old white ones to make ombre eggs.


-18-24 plastic eggs

-18-24 lengths of T-shirt yarn, plus more for the wreath base (ideally, yarn should be stretched from 1/2″ to 3/4″-wide strips)
Aleene’s Max Tacky Adhesive
-fabric scissors
-cardboard box (to make the wreath base)
-craft knife
-tape (optional)
Tulip Beads in a Bottle (optional)
Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit (optional)

Egg Wreath materials generation-t.com

Make it:
Click through to the complete step-by-step tutorial over on the iLoveToCreate blog.

Finish Egg Wreath generation-t.com

t-shirt yarn wreath generation-t.com

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