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Spell-It-Out Birthday Shirts (for Every Age!)

I love using words and type in my crafts (see exhibits ABCDE, and F…), so was super excited when some Scribbles Alphabet Stamps arrived in a recent crafty care package! With a friend’s daughter’s birthday around the corner, and armed with my new letter stamps and fabric paints, I knew just what I wanted to make: a series of birthday tops, each to announce the birthday girl’s age (and yes, there are number stamps, too, but I like to spell things out!).123Finish generation-t.com

I made a series of three, but if you scroll all the way down, you’ll see there’s no reason why you have to stop at the single-digit ages!


-Scribbles Brush-On Fabric Paint
-Scribbles Alphabet Stamps
-Tulip Fabric Paintbrushes

-Plain T-shirt or tank top
-Scrap paper or cardboard (to prevent the paint from bleeding through the layers of the shirt)

Materials1 generation-t.com

Make it:
For step-by-step photographed instructions, click through to the iLoveToCreate blog!

ONETWOTHREE generation-t.com

123FinishAlt generation-t.com

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Happy Mother’s Day!

It’s been fairly quiet ’round these parts, but I’m emerging from hibernation to share two bits of fun news this Mother’s Day!

1. I’m very excited to share that a collaboration that I worked on with my very creative mom, Susan, almost two years ago, is coming out soon! We designed a fleece hoodie for the newest installation in Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins’ One-Yard Wonder series, Little One-Yard Wonders: Irresistible Clothes, Toys, and Accessories You Can Make for Babies and Kids. My mom is the person who first showed me the way around a sewing machine, so I was glad that she accepted my invitation to team up and submit a project when the call for entries was posted! We brainstormed ideas, and came up with a few…long story short, one of them is featured in the book.

How cute is that shirt on the front? Those shoes! That tea set!

Little One Yard Wonders cover

Below is the first spread of the project we designed with squirmy toddlers in mind (no zippers, buttons, or drawstrings — just pull it over the head and you’re ready for an afternoon of exploring). YiaYia’s Snuggle Hoodie! It’s so exciting to see it in print! And, it should be noted, the hoodie can be made from jersey knit material, too, for a more traditional sweatshirt or a lighter T-shirt-weight design. Pre-order the book at any of the online retailers listed here, or look for it in your local bookstore when it releases June 3, 2014! Little One Yard Wonders interior

My mom and I are so looking forward to making lots of the 101 projects for my little ones….which brings me to news point #2.

2. And, not to bury the lede, but…the Mr. and I welcomed a new member to our family just two weeks ago! Meet Esmé Olivine, born 4/27/14 (you’ll no doubt be seeing more of my newest fashion muse in the weeks, months, and years to come!).


A very happy Mother’s Day to all you crafty mamas who encourage creativity in the next generation!


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T-shirt Projects

T-shirt Yarn-Wrapped Easter Egg Wreath

Egg Wreath generation-t.com
For this easy, bright DIY holiday decor, I was inspired by this yarn-wrapped egg wreath I stumbled upon on Pinterest. (Oh, and check out Aunt Peaches’s yarn-wrapped eggs tutorial over at the iLoveToCreate blog!) But, being that I have stashes of T-shirt scraps rather than traditional yarn, I adapted the project to my own scrap heap (and recycling bin). Pick traditional pastels from your T-shirt stash, go for brights, or tie-dye all those shabby old white ones to make ombre eggs.


-18-24 plastic eggs

-18-24 lengths of T-shirt yarn, plus more for the wreath base (ideally, yarn should be stretched from 1/2″ to 3/4″-wide strips)
-Aleene’s Max Tacky Adhesive
-fabric scissors
-cardboard box (to make the wreath base)
-craft knife
-tape (optional)
-Tulip Beads in a Bottle (optional)
-Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit (optional)

Egg Wreath materials generation-t.com

Make it:
Click through to the complete step-by-step tutorial over on the iLoveToCreate blog.

Finish Egg Wreath generation-t.com

t-shirt yarn wreath generation-t.com

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Other Projects

The ABCs of DIY Shoes

My toddler is VERY into his letters and numbers lately, so when it came time to think up a theme for a spring shoe refashion, his vintage-style alphabet blocks stood out from the pack (that, and I’m not as good at drawing dinosaurs or trains, which would have been the other top contenders!).

ABC shoes finish2 generation-t.com

And sure enough, when I presented them to him the morning after I made them, he picked one up and said, “ABC shoe!” Exactly, my dear. Now we can practice his letters and colors while we’re on the go!


-White canvas shoes
-Black permanent pen

-Tulip Dual Tip Fabric Markers (Neon)
-Alphabet blacks (optional, for inspiration!)
ABC shoes materials generation-t.com

Make it:
Follow the step-by-step instructions over at the iLoveToCreate blog!

ABC shoes4 generation-t.com

Psst! Not just for toddlers! Decorate any size shoe for a delightfully personalized style statement — just be sure to schedule in more time, since there’ll more surface area to cover.


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T-shirt Projects

DIY Phases of the Heart T-shirt

I was recently inspired by a DIY phases of the moon T-shirt I saw on Pinterest, and thought it would be fun to try a heart shape in place of the moon. Though Valentine’s Day is an odd one to celebrate — it’s gotten a little commercial in the past few decades for my tastes, but I do appreciate another opportunity to tell the people dearest to me that I care about them with an extra hug, a simple handmade valentine…or a T-shirt! (PS: Did you know that the holiday is celebrated as “Friend Day” in Finland? I love that!)
Phases of the Heart Finish2 generation-t.com

-1 plain T-shirt (I chose purple to suggest a night sky background)
-Tulip “Slick” Dimensional Fabric Paints (I mixed about equal parts Grape and White)
-Tulip Sponge Brushes or Tulip Fabric Paintbrushes
-Freezer paper (to create the stencil)
-Pen or pencil (to sketch)
-Craft knife and cutting mat
-Iron and ironing board
-Scrap paper or cardstock

moonphases materials generation-t.com

Make it:
Follow the step-by-step instructions over at the iLoveToCreate blog!

Phases of the Heart Final1 generation-t.com

BONUS: Click through to the steps over at iLoveToCreate to use your scraps from the original stencil to make a second shirt!
moonphasesALT1 generation-t.com

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Anaheim, CA @ CHA Winter Convention

I’m on the west coast this weekend, at the Cre8Time booth (#2443) from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM today, Sunday, January 12, 2014 with the @iLoveToCreate folks (booth #1008) here at #CHAShow (#CHA2014). Stop by to rest your weary feet and exercise your creativity, making jewelry out of T-shirt scraps! Yesterday we crafted necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, and more, using all sorts of techniques. It’s a true TEE PARTY, with lots of your favorite crafters.

photo 1

Come hang with us:

Megan Nicolay (Generation T)
Jennifer Perkins (aka Naughty Secretary)
Jade Harrington (aka Jaderbomb)
Cathy Attix (aka Trinkets In Bloom)
Margot Potter (aka The Impatient Crafter)

and MORE!

Come stop by and say hi! I’ll be posting more pics soon…

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T-shirt Projects

T-shirt Transformer Scarf: Wear It Your Way!

Here’s an easy T-shirt transformation project from Generation T: Beyond Fashion (project #9, Transformer), courtesy of Homemade Holiday 101 that requires just one seam’s-worth of sewing! So if your crafty self is feeling at all unsure whether you’ll actually be able to knit that scarf in time for Christmas, grab the nearest two T-shirts (the larger the better), a pair of scissors, and a needle and thread (or a sewing machine!), and make a whole scarf-plus in about 10 minutes.

T-shirt Transformer generation-t.com

2 T-shirts of the same size (L or XL)
Chalk marker
Straight pins

Make it:
For step-by-step instructions and illustrations, go to Homemade Holiday 101: 30-minute Scarf.

Just a reminder that Generation T and Generation T: Beyond Fashion ebooks are on sale for $2.99 throughout the holiday season. Just head to HomemadeHoliday101.com to download!


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Other Projects

DIY: Leaf Resist Skirt

As promised, here’s one more way to use leaves to influence your fall fashion. Rather than use tracings or stencils made from the leaves, I used the leaves themselves as the “mask” before painting. I laid them down on the skirt, added a touch of glue stick to encourage some of them to hold independently (to contend with the gentle breeze created by the spray paint), and peeled them up when I was done. Now that it’s December, and leaves may be scarcer, you can swap out the leaves for some paper snowflakes to get festive.

leaf skirt finish generation-t.com

-Denim skirt (or, start with an old pair of jeans, like I did!)
-Fabric spray paint (gold)
-Pressed leaves (collect freshly fallen leaves a day or two in advance and press them between pieces of plain paper in a heavy old book)
-Glue stick

Optional (if you plan to refashion your jeans into a skirt first):
-Seam ripper
-Sewing machine and matching thread
-Fabric scissors

Make it:
Lay the skirt flat on some newspaper (to protect your work surface).

leaf skirt 2 generation-t.com

2. Arrange the leaves over the front. Dab the back of each leaf with a single dot of glue stick (just enough to hold it still at the center).

leaf skirt 3 generation-t.com

3. Spray the gold fabric paint over the entire front of the shirt. Embrace the splatters!

leaf skirt 4 generation-t.com

4. Peel up the leaves, set them aside, and let the skirt dry for a few minutes. Then flip the skirt over and reposition the leaves on the back before spraying again. Let dry completely (about 4 hours should do the trick, but check the instructions on the packaging of the paint) before wearing.

leaf skirt 5 generation-t.com

5. Try it on!
leaf skirt finish 2 generation-t.com

Gold Leaf Skirt generation-t.com


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T-shirt Projects

DIY: A Holiday Tree-Shirt!

Coming off Thanksgiving, a holiday that many people abbreviate to “T-Day,” of course makes me think of T-shirts….and how EVERY DAY is Tee Day! So, move over scratchy holiday sweater. Here’s a simple, no-sew holiday T-shirt (ahem, tree-shirt) that I designed as part of Homemade Holiday 101 (#homemade101). It combines techniques from the Brokenhearted tee in Generation T (project #2) and Back in Action tee in Generation T: Beyond Fashion (project #101).

Holiday Tree-Shirt finish generation-t.com

(OH, and…CLICK THROUGH TO HOMEMADE HOLIDAY 101 where the Generation T and Generation T: Beyond Fashion ebooks are on sale for $2.99 for a limited time!)


-Red fitted T-shirt (mine has a small percentage Lycra)
-Green fitted tank top (or similar, to layer underneath)
-Disappearing ink fabric marker or fabric chalk marker
-Ruler/ straightedge
-Fabric scissors
-Safety pin or 1″ round pin

holiday shirt materials generation-t.com

Make it:

1. Turn the T-shirt inside out and, using the straightedge, draw an isosceles triangle with a small rectangle at the bottom (aka, a simplified evergreen tree shape). My tree is about 7″ across at its widest.

holiday shirt 1 generation-t

2. Use the straightedge again to mark horizontal lines from the base of the tree to the top, about 1/2″ to 3/4″ apart.

holiday shirt 3 generation-t.com

3. Cut along the horizontal lines only, making sure to cut through only the top layer of the shirt.

holiday shirt 5 generation-t.com

4. Cut all the way to the top, making a small snip (about 1/4″) at the peak of the tree. Tug gently at the sides of your T-shirt to stretch out the strips (so they curl a little).

holiday shirt 6 generation-t.com

5. Turn the T-shirt right side out, and layer the green tank top underneath so you can see the shape of the tree clearly. You can stop right here and have a terrific-looking slashed tee, but forge on for another minute to get the woven effect: Take the first two strips at the trunk of your tree and loop strip #2 under strip #1. Drop strip #1. Then loop strip #3 under strip #2, dropping strip #2. And so on…

holiday shirt 8 generation-t.com

6. …to the top! Safety pin the second-to-last loop through the top snip. Tuck the safety pin inside so it shows less, or embrace the shiny bit of sparkle. Or, for a little more flair, trim your tree with a personalized 1″ round pin (replacing the safety pin).

holiday shirt finish generation-t.com

7. Try it on. Then….Go sing carols! Bake cookies! Replace the safety pin at the top with a sparkly brooch so you have a shining star up on the highest bow!

Holiday Tree-Shirt finish 3 generation-t.com


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Tee Party at the Park Slope Library

Happy Thanksgiving/Hanukkah (Thanksgivikkah?)! Over here at Generation T, we’re thankful for YOU — the folks who read the site with dedication, those who populate Tee Party events, and those who just stop by from time to time to like a project on Facebook or look for some quick inspiration. Here’s an admittedly belated share of some highlights from the Tee Party we hosted at the local library in Brooklyn last month. I think the enthusiasm of the 35 or so folks who filled the room is ample proof that T-shirts don’t lose their luster the moment the temperatures drop!

PSLibrary Tee Party generation-t.com

Thanks so much to everyone who came to our little crafternoon — we had a great turnout, warm pizza to nourish our creativity, and the scissors were active!

Park Slope Tee Party2 generation-t.com

And, to our lovely hosts, the Friends of Park Slope Library — thanks so much for having us!

PSLibrary Tee Party collage generation-t.com

I’m all for T-shirts 365 days a year! Show of hands–who’s on board with that idea?


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