T-shirt Projects

8 Ways to Transform a T-shirt (via HuffPo)

Add another 8 T-shirt projects to the hundreds of Generation T projects you’ve already got in your arsenal! This slide show collection includes projects from DollarStoreCrafts, Makezine, SuperNaturale, and more–courtesy of Care2’s Becky Striepe. Make’s T-shirt laptop cozy is shown here–plus a pillow, a quilt, a skirt, a necklace, a grocery tote, an appliqué, and…a pair of T-shirt undies!

And, 8 must be the hot little number because here are another “8 Ways to Recycle that Old T-shirt” posted by Valley News Live (list by Raquel Fagan; provided by Earth911).

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[ Posted on December 29th, 2010 ]


  1. Izzy Bee says:

    Hi, I’m twelve years old and i made this! It was awesome :) I made it without directions(i didn’t really bother to find some -_-) and it was seriously easy. Megan, you’re awesome 😀 If i find your email address, i’ll take a picture of it and send it to you :)

  2. Izzy Bee says:

    Sorry for all the smileys. I’m kind of a smiley person…

  3. megan says:

    Nothing wrong with smiles! Congrats on your T-shirt refashion!

  4. Izzy Bee says:

    Thanks! Keep your projects coming, they’re really fun and awesome :)

  5. […] from New York made the T-shirt laptop cozy included in the 8 Ways to Transform a T-shirt roundup we featured back in December, and get this…she made it without even looking at the […]

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