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Building Gets a Fashion Makeover

A Gap Inc. building in San Francisco, California got a fashion makeover recently —  all decked out in that super-soft staple we all love — T-shirts! It appears have been draped in 170 T-shirts, to be exact, making it casual Friday for the actual office itself!

What do you think of the season’s new colors and patterns? It looks like lots of neon, stripes, and jewel tones!

Photos via the Gap Inc. blog and my sister, Ariana (who happened to be driving by the other day — it looks like a few T-shirts have been snagged from the display since the original photos were taken) .

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From Our Readers: Juno!

A tale of three sisters… Juno, Rosy, and Jasmine are three magnificent and creative sisters who I’ve known since my youthful days in New Hampshire. They recently played pivotal roles in a very special DIY project for Rosy, who got married last month in Paris. Here is a brief time line of the crafty wonderland, executed over an incredible number of modern social media platforms!

December 30, 2010 from Jasmine, via Twitter, via Skype: Megan, I just Skyped with Rosy and she showed me the T-shirts her friend Kit printed on that Juno will turn into a wedding dress for her.

My interest was piqued as I immediately tweeted back for more information! Eventually, I connected with Juno after she heard that I’d be in town to teach T-shirt workshops, when I can potentially catch a glimpse of the work in progress…

March 7, 2011 from Juno, via Facebook: How long will you be up here for this weekend? I’ve made Rosy a crazy art wedding dress with block prints by a friend of hers from your pattern—would love to cross paths with you and take a picture of you in it if the timing worked.

And Juno finished the gown (Tying the Knot, project #108 in Generation T; 108 Ways to Transform a T-shirt), and the timing worked, and I tried on the dress at the yoga barn before our yoga class, and we took some pictures! Then, we fast forward to after the wedding…

May 12, 2011 from Juno, via email: Sorry it’s taken me so long to get the wedding dress post up. The dress was fabulous—Rosy loved it and felt it was entirely her. The whole process made me excited to sew more and learn to make some easy clothes.

Oh, happy day! Now let’s take  look at that process. Here are some of Juno’s alternate versions for the bodice: the All Strung Out tank top, project #88 plus a combination of All Strung Out and the Shoulder Chic tank top, project #15. For more pictures of the whole process of acquiring the hand-printed shirts, cutting and sewing up the skirt, and the whole grand affair, visit Juno’s blog, Try This at Home

Here are some pictures of Jasmine trying on the dress and the different dress tops! The top she’s wearing below right is the top that is paired with the wedding skirt in the book, but in a different print than the one I tried on — Juno really had all her bases covered!

And here, at last, are some totally dreamy photos of the beautiful bride, Rosy! She chose, in the end, to wear the All Strung Out tank top as the top of her gown. Doesn’t she look stunning?

Congratulations to all involved in the beautiful project! (And thanks to Juno, for letting me play a minor role in it all!)

All photos courtesy of Juno Lamb at Try This at Home.

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Letter to a Young T-shirt

In which I introduce you to a piece of T-shirt literature quite different from the T-shirt literature you generally consume around these here parts. It’s a smart and whimsical ode to the life cycle of a that essential staple of a young woman’s wardrobe: the black T-shirt, in all its gritty, sweaty, scissor-snipped truth, by my friend–and one of my favorite writers–Ms. Emily Meg Weinstein. Here is an excerpt (for which I took the freedom of combining three of my favorite lines from the essay):

“You might be a little groggy from the surgery I performed on you last night, as soon as I brought you home from the merch table…. I don’t want you to feel any pressure, but you are the cornerstone of my entire wardrobe. When I can only bring one t-shirt, you will be the t-shirt…. But you, new black t-shirt, are at the center of everything, and we, new black t-shirt, have only just begun.” –Emily Meg Weinstein, from To My New T-shirt

"Chloe Libre" black T-shirt (aka The Predecessor to the New Black T-shirt, third from left), flanked by Chloe Libre gray, blue, and red.

What’s the story behind your newest wardrobe essential? Thrift store wonder, merch table masterpiece, vacation souvenir, or refashioned rescue from the dresser drawer?

Please share in the comments. In the meantime, here’s to T-shirt love stories and rock & roll!

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T-Shirt Art: Woven Team Jerseys

To celebrate Super Bowl Sunday Generation T-style, check out these amazing tapestries woven from sports jerseys by artist Brian Jungen. Beautiful patterns and color combinations! A Steelers-Packers woven mashup would sure look nice–all those bright colors! In the meantime, I’m going to dig out some of my old “home” and “away” team uniforms and start cutting.

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